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All our titles promote freedom or give information about current issues
Have you wondered why our country's economy is in such trouble, why your paycheck doesn't go far, and why prices keep going up? You will find answers to these and many more questions here, and what to do about it!

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The Problem and The Solution from the Peacemakers
Professionally filmed and edited video from Lincoln County Watch

Includes footage from the "Beneath the Beauty" full length documentary on corruption and political issues in Western Montana, along with Lincoln County Watch discussion meetings of issues and solutions that are 6000 years old for the problems in America that have not been applied yet. These solutions will stop corruption and tyranny in government cold in it's tracks without spending money, electing candidates, passing new laws, and most importantly, WITHOUT VIOLENCE.

Rex Nichols for Sheriff
Campaign Video for a real Constitutional Sheriff in Lincoln County Montana.

These are the issues that will separate a real Sheriff from the typical political animal we have been getting.

Schaeffer Cox 1
Hamilton Montana Dec. 1st. 2009

The entire unedited Peacemakers Solution video featuring the Celebrating Conservatism group with Schaeffer Cox of Fairbanks Alaska.

Schaeffer Cox 2
More details of the Liberty Bell and structure of the Common law system in effect in Fairbanks Alaska

Has FEMA been preparing for Internment camps and Extermination?

Alex Jones and others explore and document the Role of FEMA during an emergency. What is this huge agency all about?

Know Your Rights
Red Beckman and Pat Shannon

Red is the Grandaddy of the patriot movement, especially the Fully Informed Jury educational effort. He is over 80 and still sharp as a tack. You will really enjoy his presentation using his visual aids as he has done for over 30 years, but this is mostly new material that fits 2010.

Ed Griffin and Michael Shaw
Ed Griffin presents The Trip to Jekyll Island on the Federal Reserve

Michael Shaw on the UN Agenda 21 and the environmental movement.

Joan Vion 1 & 2
Sustainable Feudalism

How county planning, zoning, streamside management, and other regulations are part of a global plan to control your private property.

Joan Veon Central Bank
The history of how bankers control your life.

Starting with pre-America history, how bankers have you by the throat financially, and what will happen next.

Jim Traficant
After his release from prison.

Jim is out from his 7 year vacation on trumped up charges, and is in great fighting form.

Financial Armageddon
How the financial meltdown is inevitable.

Knowledge is power, and this is your financial life and survival in stark reality.

Oath Keepers
What does it mean to keep your oath?

Give this to your relatives and friends who have friends and relatives in the military or law enforcement, or to any politician who holds office.

In Lies We Trust
The takeover of America by the Progressives and radical left by fraud and deception.

Do you actually believe what you see on TV? Watch this video.

Wake Up Call
You have been lied to by government your whole life.

How we have been systematically lied to and deprived of the knowledge the founders based our Freedom on.

Tolerance Lost
Real Tolerance, not the radical left tolerance of all things evil.

Aerosol Crime
Poison sprayed in the atmosphere.

Fall of the Republic
Full length documentary of how central banks and politicians have ruined the USA economy. Billions for the bankers, debts for the people.

Chuck Baldwin on the New World Order
Expose on the Global Government envisioned by International interests.

Global Warming or Global Governance
The environmental movement exposed.

Katrina gun confiscation
NRA exposes the gun grab.

Inhumane Society
Persecution by government and Animal rights groups of animal owners.

Ron Paul 2008
Journal of the Campaign

The debates, PBS, commercials, appearances, speeches and much more.

No Guns for Negros and 2A for the USA
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Loose Change 2, Beyond Treason
In Plane Sight, 911, Poison Dust

The Soviet Union of North America
North American Union for World Government

Core of Corruption
International intrigue for one world government.

Invisible Empire
Rulers in high places invisible to the world.

Vaccinations, Are They Worth the Risk?
Exposes the poisoned needle.

Liberty Bell Ads
Rex Nichols for Sheriff, Rhoda Cargill for Senate, Mark French for US Congress. These are 30 second commercials of good candidates in Montana.

Dr. Rima Laibow on the Codex Alimentarius

Fiat Empire
How International Bankers control the world.

911 Mysteries
Unanswered questions, and hard facts. Demolition of the World Trade Center.

William Rodrigues, Last man out on 9/11
You will not doubt what this man says.

Police State 4, The Rise of FEMA
Police state in America planned for a long time.

Don't Tread On Me, Rise of The Republic
Lawful non-violent method to restore the Republic.

Alex Jones on the final takeover.

The Coming Currency Crisis by NIA.

The Real Newt Gingrich
By the John Birch Society

Washington, You're Fired
The history of the USA Patriot ACT. This unconsititutional so called "law" is destroying America, and must be repealed. You are now branded a terrorist if you speak out against corrupt government.

Energy Non-Crisis
Lindsey Williams, There is no such thing as "peak oil".

The JFK, Bush Sr. and CIA Connection
When the government won't tell you the truth, this is what happens.

There is a Conspiracy
Chuck Baldwin on the Insiders.

America's Cencored Heritage
How was this country founded, and on what?

Clouds of Death
What is in the Chemtrails?

Continental Congress 2009
Overview Trailer full length?

Diseased Wolves
Meeting in Libby Montana about preditor danger.

Montana Liberty Convention
39 Minute overview of the Montana Liberty Convention in Missoula May 21st and 22nd 2010.

The Obama Deception
Full length Alex Jones documentary on the hoax and fraud of the Century.

Matt Shea - Solutions for Liberty
Freedom Action Rally in Kalispell Montana. June 2010. Matt is a Washington Legislator and Iraq war veteran with quite a story to tell. He presents the solutions in a completely unique way that you won't want to miss. Just 36 years old this guy is educated far beyond his age.

Sheriff Richard Mack
Excerpt from his Speech on July 4th 2009 and the Freedom Celebration in Eureka Montana, with Randy Weaver and the whole Lincoln County Watch crowd of about 400 people. More to come soon.

American Drug War
How the war on drugs has increased the drug problem in America and cost the US taxpayers billions of dollars to house millions of prisoners since the drug war started. You will forever change your opinion about this very bad situation once you watch this film. See Sheriff Joe Arpaio, US Judges, Ex DEA agents, Ex CIA agents and many others testify to the criminality of those in control of the War On Drugs.

Busted - How to deal with the police
Great education on how to handle a stop by the police or a potential search. Practical advice that gets you prepared to exercise your rights as protected in the Bill of Rights. The courts have generally held that if you fail to invoke your rights and exercise them, you are considered to have waived them.

Islamo-Fascist Jihad Against America?
We offer this video as a look through others eyes at radical Islam. We do not endorse the view that Isreal is our ally, when they have repeatedly attacked our ships, spied on our government, and sold arms to our enemies - arms that were given to them by America. Here is a look at another view. Make up your own mind.

Truth Behind The Declaration of Independence
by Vaughn Shatzer. History of some of the signers and law, including Black's Law and the first school in the USA, Harvard. How we came to be a Republic that has lasted over 200 years with one form and structure, unlike other nations who change governmental form like people change their socks.

Stop Zoning Now
Dan Cox and others in Ravalli County Montana overturned the local growth plan with a referrendum vote based on what you will see in this video series. This is a step by step plan and information on the issues that will enable you to do the same in your county and restore property rights and freedom. Covers many topics including streamside setbacks, permits, zoning, Agenda 21, sustainable development, and much more.

Operation Backfire
Jack McLamb, the most highly decorated police officer in the history of the Phoenix police department talks about his first hand knowledge of how cops get corrupted by the "system" and the crimes they are willing to commit to keep the system in place. One of the most damning exposes' of corruption in law enforcement I have ever seen, and applies perfectly to Lincoln County Montana. Then Sheriff Mack and other law enforcement personel talk about the proper duties of officers and sheriffs. If this video gets into the hands of enough people it will change everything.

The Fully Informed Jury
Montana's own Martin J. "Red" Beckman takes us through the jury rights we have and how to put the monster of government back in it's cage. If you have never seen what your jury rights are and how much power you actually have to be a check against runaway government you need to watch this DVD several times.

Money as Debt
Paul Grignon in Canada created this video explanation of how the banking system creates debt based currency and credit from nothing more than your signature and pledge to pay. They "loan" "money" they never had and you will be shocked when you see what their racket leads too.

Montana - Tip of the Spear by Chuck Baldwin
Former presidential candidate in 2008, Dr. Chuck Baldwin takes us through the reasons he moved his whole family to Montana, filmed in Kalispell Montana on January 11th of 2011, this video will give you hope.

The Angry American
The latest movie by Red Beckman, Montana's fighting redhead, and Pat Shannon. Covers Jury rights, How to take back America, The Fraud of the Income Tax, The 14th amendment, The 17th amendment, The second amendment and lots more. Wake up America and get moving.

The Power of the County Sheriff to Stop Tyranny, and The Solution to Real Homeland Security
This new movie from Lincoln County Watch featuring former Sheriff Richard Mack and Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes outline both of their very successful programs to wake up active duty military, veterans, peace officers and Sheriffs across this land, and help them keep their oath to the Constitution. Brand new on July 29th, 2011.

The Case for $20,000 per ounce Gold, Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney is the precious metals advisor that works with Robert Kiyosaki who is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Here he is speaking to a large audience of investors and laying out the history of money and precious metals as compared to fiat currencies and what precious metals do during a currency collapse.

The Liberty Convention
The full video set of the two day Liberty Convention held in Missoula Montana on May 21st and 22nd, 2010 featuring Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Red Beckman, Former Sheriff Richard Mack, Schaeffer Cox, Mona Docteur, and others. $10.00 for the 6 disk DVD set.

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